Four Bridges Outfitters

new, used and local gear

Four Bridges Outfitters is a new and used gear store. Our goal is to provide an inexpensive alternative for buyers as well as offer a second chance for worthy gear! Founded by a family that has always been active in the outdoors we feel that our expertise in gear helps us price fairly and guide customers to the products that will best fit their needs. We are receiving items on a weekly basis making our inventory dynamic and ever changing; join our dedicated customer base that stops by frequently in order to get the good deals as they hit the sales floor.


Local Vendors

Four Bridges Outfitters is excited to offer locally, and often handmade, items that help you gear up and get out. Not only are you lowering your carbon imprint by shopping locally but you can also rest easy your money goes directly to helping a small company grow.


423 Soaps

423 Soaps Inc. is  located in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Our product line includes Handcrafted Artisan Soaps, Organic Olive Oil Lip & Body Balms, Herbal Healing Salves & Hand Sculpted Soap Dishes.

A percentage of all profits at the end of the year is donated to charities or environmental organizations within the 423 range.

Fits Sock Co.                                                                                    

Knitting socks in Niota, TN since 1902, Crescent Sock Co. endured the ups and downs that shaped the character of America's people and her textile industry. The family-owned company remains committed to its vision, its people, and to keeping jobs in the Tennessee Valley. Fits products are designed to be the best fitting performance outdoor socks in the industry. Over 100 years of experience has taught us to recognize the importance of careful, precise sock-fitting based more on total foot volume than foot length. 

KJ Bags

Our company is small scale; it’s just myself, my parents, and my sister. While few in number, we take pride in our ability to simultaneously handle large wholesale orders and devote the necessary time to detailed custom work. Our fabrics come from a variety of sources.  We are dedicated to practicing environmental and social responsibility.  We predominantly use re-purposed fabrics.  We get our hands on high-quality and expensive fabrics by purchasing them as scrap cuts from upholsterers, seamstresses, and sailing shops.  We pass the savings and quality fabric on to you. Buying one of our bags keeps quality fabrics from entering the waste stream, and supports local economies here in the USA!


All of Luwazo's amazing t-shirts are knit from the flowing locks of Grizzly Adams beard, hand-sewn by John Muir and screen-printed by Jeremiah Johnson to ensure their many adventurous qualities.

Okay... that may be a slight exaggeration. However, Luwazo shirts are designed by people that love the great outdoors, made in the USA & screen-printed by independent craftsmen in Chattanooga, TN.


Get out and play! was born out of our love for the outdoors. There is nothing like exercise, fresh air, and the greens and blues of the outdoors to refresh the mind and invigorate the body. We challange you to Get Out and Play! Do your sport and Sport what you do.

Mayfly Coffee

Mayfly coffee was founded by husband-and-wife team Atley and Katie Davidson with a passion to source great coffee while ensuring that the farmers who grow and harvest these labor intensive seeds are paid enough to support their families. Through this commitment, we have partnered with a group of farmers to bring premium coffees to the coffee lover while at the same time paying substantially more than "fair trade" certified prices. Brewed on Signal Mtn, Mayfly supplies Chattanooga with premium coffee.

Beta Balm

SIMPLICI's pure and simple skin care products are always made with sustainable and pronounceable ingredients.  [Our] products are always free of petroleum, artificial colors and synthetic fragrance oils. SIMPLICI is based out of Tennessee and is a small start up company, backed by 16 years of experimenting and learning with soaps and salves. 


Burlaep was founded in an effort to be a better influence to their local and global community. They're just a few broke college kids with a desire to help others. After struggling for quite some time to come up with a game plan on how they were going to do that, they eventually settled on shirts! So in late 2010 they sold their first shirt and have been doing it ever since. They use the proceeds from the shirts to fund community projects locally, and internationally - currently Burlaep is focusing on supporting the SCC through their awesome t-shirt designs. 

Untouchable Apparel

Untouchable Apparel is designed and printed in Atlanta, Ga with a water based ink that looks and feels great. Their designs revolve around their favorite past time, climbing! With creative and entertaining designs their shirts are perfect for your favorite climbing enthusiast, or yourself - we won't judge. 


"It's not just pretty good... it's all good."

Handmade - Wholesome - Essential

I was farming across the country with my wife when I stumbled upon a recipe for some granola bars in Tennessee. I took it home with me back to Stephens City, Va where I played with it, tweaked it, added to it, and make it my own. It became what is now called the Knom Bar, and it seems to be having an impact. There are a lot of ingredients, and the combination of them creates a bar that is designed to be dense, calorie rich, and replace a meal.