Four Bridges Outfitters

new, used and local gear

Four Bridges Outfitters is a new and used gear store. Our goal is to provide an inexpensive alternative for buyers as well as offer a second chance for worthy gear! Founded by a family that has always been active in the outdoors we feel that our expertise in gear helps us price fairly and guide customers to the products that will best fit their needs. We are receiving items on a weekly basis making our inventory dynamic and ever changing; join our dedicated customer base that stops by frequently in order to get the good deals as they hit the sales floor.

Why Consignment?

We all know the three R’s (reduce, reuse, recycle) and this is our way of putting them into practice.

Consignment is a great way for people to make a little extra money on something they have outgrown or perhaps are no longer interested in doing, while allowing a quality product to stay in the field. Interested in trying out a new activity? Now you have a chance to purchase all the products you need without breaking the bank, allowing you to explore new adventures before making serious investment. It helps us offer our great prices and allows consumers to buy gently used gear for far less than the retail price! 

We are always accepting new items though you may want to call for specific details. Selling items on consignment means that you will receive cash or store credit for items as they sell. For further information download our consignment policy.